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If you are using both Quicken and QuickBooks for your accounts, you don't need to be worried about transferring data from one software suite to another. It's simple to transfer the Quicken data files through a simple step.

Though Quicken files can't be viewed easily in QuickBooks, you have to convert the data files to make it compatible with the QuickBooks accounting software suite. On the other hand, Intuit makes the conversion process simple with the help of its advanced inherent tool Quicken Converter. This is an easy tool to convert the Quicken files and make it compatible with QuickBooks.

As the complexity in bookkeeping gets larger over the years in your business, you require an accounting software suite that can help you streamline all the accounting activities in such a way that you get your transactions optimized easily.

Converting to QuickBooks:

Several users adopt Quicken for managing a handful translation, but when it gets bigger and larger in size, they go for converting Quicken files into QuickBooks with the utmost convenience. In case of any technical problem, you can get technical assistance and help by calling QuickenŽ support phone number to check Quicken and QuickBooks compatibility for data import and export.

The Quicken Converter:

The converter tool is designed to make the Quicken files compatible with QuickBooks. It can be downloaded from Intuit's website. Once you download the file, execute it and run the tool to get the conversion process completed without any technical problem.

Compatibility between the two software suites:

The compatibility between Quicken and QuickBooks is all based on the version of these software suites. To convert Quicken data files successfully into QuickBooks, it is necessary to have the edition of QuickBooks accounting software newer than that of Quicken edition. In case of any technical obstacles, you should connect to certified Quicken technicians by visiting QuickenŽ support page to get help on Quicken and QuickBooks compatibility.

So the conversion procedure from Quicken to QuickBooks is no longer a complex job as it doesn't require you to apply core technical methods. Both are designed by Intuit and they don't have any considerable differences. But it is always important to be in touch with expert technicians who can always be there to help you in case of technical issue.

Several independent technical service companies are out in the market to offer instant Quicken tech support at affordable cost. Depending on your requirements, you can select a specific one so as to avoid any impending threats.

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